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New Noise Marine From Games Workshop

Come on, feel the noise! That's what you can do over at Games Workshop. They've taken a real classic, the Noise Marine from 40k, and given him an updated look. Shred like no other. \m/

From the post:

Transport yourself back in time with this very special Noise Marine miniature! We’ve taken the iconic 1991 Jes Goodwin Noise Marine and given him a makeover, bringing to life the classic details you know and love - guitar, mohawk, high heels and all! - in incredible detail.

Blank shoulder pads allow you to dedicate your Noise Marine to any Legion you see fit, while an included datasheet and matched play points allow you to bring this hedonistic champion to your battles.

This set contains 12 components and 1x 32mm round base, allowing you to build your own Noise Marine.