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New Night Lords Available To Order From Forge World

It was just Valentine's Day, but Forge World is already ready for Halloween. Their latest releases over in their webshop are pre-orders for some new Night Lords kits. There's a new Dreadnaught, along with a pair of Praetors, one in Terminator armor.

Also dice. #NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice

From the website:

Of all the Space Marine Legions, the Night Lords are perhaps the most feared. Even before their fall into darkness and the worship of the Ruinous Powers, they were known as depraved and merciless killers. Recruited from among the worst of the criminal underclass of their home world, Nostramo, their excesses were legendary, and even the rumour of their involvement in a campaign could bring a world to peaceful compliance out of sheer terror – and when they did wage war, there were rarely any witnesses left to describe how vicious they were in battle.

This bundle contains three resin miniatures to add to your Age of Darkness Night Lords collection.

– Night Lords Legion Praetor: a deadly hero equipped with a jump pack and armed with a chainglaive, perfect for leading flights of Assault Squads in head-on charges into enemy lines
– Night Lords Legion Praetor in Tartaros Terminator Armour: a leader and warrior clad in nigh-invulnerable battleplate and armed with a sinister volkite serpenta and a murderous chainglaive
– Night Lords Leviathan Siege Dreadnought: a mighty behemoth of a war machine armed with two brutal Leviathan siege claws, perfect for spearheading an assault and devastating enemy vehicles of heavily armoured elites