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New Necromunda and Middle-earth Figures Available to Pre-Order From Forge World

Two ends of the spectrum available to pre-order from Forge World this week. On one hand, you've got a pair of Necromunda figures, Apollus Kage & Krotus Hark, to add to your gangs. On the others, there's two Middle-earth kits in the form of Ruffian Leaders and Will Whitfoot & Baldo Tulpenny. So, if you like sci-fi gangs or fantasy Hobbits, you've got some options.

Apollus Kage was a member of the Orlock gang the Sump Dogs, but after a failed leadership challenge he decided it was time to go freelance. Krotus Hark, on the other hand, is a former Goliath who was born with that most dangerous of gifts – intelligence.

Having left behind their former House alliances, these two Hired Guns can be taken on by any gang that needs some support to survive the savagery of the underhive. Apollus Kage has also been specially designed so that his head, arms and backpack are compatible with a large proportion of the Necromunda miniatures range should you wish to use them for conversions.

These models are made of resin, and supplied with 1x 25mm Necromunda round base, 1x 32mm Necromunda round base. Rules are supplied in the packaging, making using them in your games easy.


The leader of Sharkey's Ruffians, Sid Briarthorn was a huge brute of a man who possessed great strength – at least in the eyes of the Hobbits of the Shire. His enforcer, Rowan Thistlewood, revelled in bullying and tormenting the Hobbits of the Shire and burning the Hobbit-holes at Woody End. Completing the trio of rogues is Bill Ferny, a minor spy from Bree who had dealings with the four Travellers as they left the Prancing Pony for Rivendell – and was given a swift kick in the behind by Bill the Pony for his trouble!

These three Ruffians are armed with a mix of weaponry and each carry a set of manacles. They are perfect for tormenting any Hobbits that get in your way as you seek to claim control over the Shire.

This highly detailed multipart resin kit builds one Sid Briarthorn, one Rowan Thistlewood and one Bill Ferny. It is supplied with three 25mm Citadel round bases and rules for using these models in games can be found in the Scouring of the Shire supplement.

Plump and portly, Will Whitfoot was a jolly Hobbit who had held the post of mayor of Hobbiton for many years prior to the arrival of the big-folk. Meanwhile, there are few, if any, Hobbits who can claim to throw a stone as well as Baldo Tulpenny; his stone-throwing achievements at the Buckleberry games are legendary in the Shire.

It may look like a walking cane but mayor Whitfoot isn't scared to use it to strike anyone who threatens the Shire. Baldo prefers to keep his distance, flinging stones to scare off interlopers. He also carries a length of rope for tying up any Ruffians that he knocks out with his well-aimed projectiles.

This highly detailed multipart resin kit builds one Will Whitfoot and one Baldo Tulpenny and is supplied with two 25mm Citadel round bases. Rules for using these models in games can be found in the Scouring of the Shire supplement.