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New Necromunda Figures and Terrain Available to Order From Forge World

Mind powers, Swede. Mind powers.

That's what you get with the latest trio of releases for Necromunda from Forge World. A Trio of Bounty Hunters with unique powers are available to order now. And as a bit of a Terrain Corner on a Friday, there's also several terrain kits that you can order for use with your Necromunda or other sci-fi minis games.

From the website:

Hire a trio of deadly Bounty Hunters for your next game with this week’s pre-order bundle! In it, you’ll find one of each of the latest resin models for Necromunda, including:

– Baertrum Aruros III, Bounty Hunter, a hired killer drawn from Necromunda’s Guilds.
– The sinister Wyrd Ortruum 8-8, Psi-hound Bounty Hunter
– Wyrdlock Bounty Hunter Thaetos 23-2, a deadly living weapon capable of immolating foes or striking terror into their hearts.