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New Necromunda Accessories and Figures Available to Order From Forge World

Along with every paint color they've got coming, Forge World also has some new Necromunda items in their Pre-Order category right now. You can pick up two new weapon sets, a new set of heads, as well as a pair of new figures: Ammo-jack and Dome Runner. And, like I mentioned, aaaaaaaaaaall the paints.

From the website:

Gangs often entice specialists of a sort to aid them in their missions. As with any survivor in the underhive, these folks can hold their own in a fight, but that's not why gangs like them around.

Ammo-jacks make and hoard ammunition. You can easily spot them, covered head to toe with harnesses, pouches, grenades and boxes of bullets to make sure the gang’s guns don't run dry in the heat of battle.

Dome Runners are something like local guides – experts on pointing the gangers in the (hopefully correct) direction of the best archaeotech and treasure during the fight.

This kit contains two finely detailed resin miniatures with two 25mm Round Necromunda bases. The Ammo-jack is armed with a boltgun and grenades, whilst the Dome Runner carries a stub gun and a wicked-looking knife. Rules to use these models can be found in the Gangs of the Underhive supplement.