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New Munchkin Sets Available to Pre-Order From Steve Jackson Games

Kick open the door. Defeat the monster (hopefully). Grab the loot. Level up. That's the goal of Munchkin, the tongue-in-cheeck card game from Steve Jackson Games. Two new sets are available to pre-order from their website. One's a new edition of Munchkins & Mazes, while the other is an expansion for the Age of Sigmar set, called Guts and Gory.

From the website:

Munchkin is back in a whole new addition! Munchkins & Mazes is the most elf-referential Munchkin game yet, with cards inspired by the most popular roleplaying game ever, the latest live streaming crazes, the gaming hobby in general, and even by Munchkin itself! We've updated some of our favorite cards and created a whole lot of new ones in this set that's sure to please anyone who's ever rolled a 20-sided die.

The Gutbuster Mawtribe are obese, gluttonous, bloodthirsty ogors whose hunger for combat is as acute as their hunger for everything else. The Ossiarch Bonereapers are highly disciplined troops loyal to Nagash. You can serve them in life or serve them in death – they aren’t picky.