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New Monstrous Sea Creatures Available From AntiMatter Games

I don't trust the ocean. You'll never see me on a beach, about to go diving in. I mean, sure there's all the terrible polution that's pretty bad. But there's also all those monstrous sea creatures out there. I'm with Billy Connally, we don't belong in there. Sure, these are only miniatures from AntiMatter Games, but how can we know that they don't actually live out there and are just waiting for me to dip my toe in? Eh?

From the post:

We have some new monstrous ethereal demons and wild sea creatures in the store.

First is Gothagga, an Elder Ethereal being that appears in multiple dimensions. It can be summoned by brave Ethermancers in DeepWars or ShadowSea but it is found in the ShadowSea side of the store.

Next is Xathal – Cacodemon of the Ethers. This Elder Ethereal can be found in the Stygian Depths or summoned in DeepWars or ShadowSea.

Last is the Giant Eurypterid, a wild sea creature for DeepWars that is amphibious and can be used in ShadowSea as well.