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New Monsterpocalypse Releases Available From Privateer Press

You know about the Giant Robot Alert. You've heard me talk about needing a Giant Dragon Alert. This story is basically a combination of the two. The Draken Armada seem to be a faction after my own heart in Monsterpocalypse and they've got some new releases available now from Privateer Press.

From the release:

When the first ships of the Draken Armada entered our solar system, humanity braced itself for even more conflict, fearing another threat had entered the Monsterpocalypse. When their first Bastion Landers touched down near Chicago, and Rastaban attacked Gorghadra, that fear turned into a hope that these space dragons could represent new allies in the struggle to protect Earth. When days later Rastaban addressed the leaders of the planet, it became clear that this noble race had joined our fight and might be what finally turns the tide.