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New Monistors Available From TTCombat for Dropfleet Commander

TTCombat has some new Dropfleet Commander releases available now. It's been a while since we've seen some of these, so it's good to see new ships hitting gaming tables. Monitors are making their way to gaming stores.

From the announcement:

The UCM Monitor comes in either the Vienna or Istanbul, although you can make three of either with this set!

These extremely detailed spaceships are only two pieces each, with the choice of either a massive Mass Driver or a baby Burnthrough laser! Those pieces sit on top neatly, and the Mass Driver even has a bit of a swivel joint, so you can angle it up or down!

The Scourge gain access to the Lamassu and the Shedu. Again, three per pack, able to build all three in either variant.

The Shedu is a great fighter, with a dangerous Oculus Beam Crest, and a 3+ armour save. On Scourge! The Lamassu has less firepower but is a Light tonnage ship with a Bulk Lander, which is nothing to pass up lightly! Make your enemies fear your slow, slow ground game.

The PHR have three Monitors too, buildable as either Castor or Pollux class.

The Castor has an extremely mean Quad Battery, which as well as sounding cool and looking extremely deadly, comes with a potential 8 shots. That’s per Monitor, not per group. OUCH. The Pollux has… well it has a Close Action weapon? But it’s all about the Aegis (7) on this one, offering extreme Point Defence for your fleet.

The Shaltari meanwhile get to choose between the Silicon or the Selenium. Although you don’t even have to pick, since you get three in a pack and the Silicon comes in groups of 2-3 and the Selenium 1-2. Nice!

Why would you want them? Well, the Silicon has an awesome Quad Ion Cannon which forces ships to have Energy Surges, and the Selenium is a Heavy Voidgate. A Voidgate with armour and guns. Do I need to carry on typing? I imagine Shaltari players are already clicking “add to cart”.


  arcanepretzel at Nov-19 19
As usual, PHR looks pretty awesome. The UCM it was photographed from the rear. Scourge looks good, and Shaltari look like Shaltari. Kinda meh, considering some of the other designs are striking.