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New Lord of the Rings and Blood Bowl Figures Available to Order from Forge World

All fantasy miniatures for you to pre-order this week from Forge World. Though it's not all the same brand of fantasy. We've got the mounted and unmounted version of Deorwine, Chief of the King's Knights for Lord of the Rings/Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game/The Hobbit. Then, over on the fantasy sports side of things in Blood Bowl, there's Deeproot Strongarm, star player treeman, and a pair of referee figures.

Unwaveringly loyal, Déorwine is the Chief of the King’s Knights – the royal bodyguards of Théoden. Déorwine accompanied his liege to the Battle of Pelennor Fields, and joined the glorious charge of the Rohirrim that smashed aside all who stood in their path.

As a Hero of Fortitude, Déorwine can command a warband of up to 12 followers (some Rohan Royal Guard would be perfect!). He is among the most capable fighters in the Rohan army, well armoured, and can be fielded on foot or on horseback. Déorwine works especially well alongside King Théoden, as he can call a Heroic Combat for free to protect his liege in battle.

These miniatures come as 15 components, and are supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round base and a Citadel 40mm Round base, which includes a textured base topper featuring a battlefield littered with discarded weapons. Rules for Déorwine can be found in the Gondor at War supplement.

A classic Star Player is reborn, or rather he's so ancient he just grew a bit larger and more imposing. He's one of the largest Big Guys available to any team, and the fact he stands with Halflings only makes him more impressive. Though his services don't come cheap for an up-and-coming team, if you want to win with the Greenfield Grasshuggers you'll find his strength and toughness too tempting to pass up.

This finely-detailed resin model is supplied in 25 components, including a 40mm round base. You'll enjoy looking for tiny details tucked away in various nooks and crannies, hinting at both his venerable history, and the forests he calls home. Deeproot Strongbranch is only available to play for Halfling teams. You can find all the rules you need to use him in your games of Blood Bowl in the 5th issue of Spike! Journal.

Referees, and arguing with them more specifically, are a quintessential element of any good Blood Bowl game. Teams come from all over, and sometimes have radically different ideas about how the game should be played. The brave referees lay down the law, and are staunchly semi-resistant to bribes of food or cold, hard coin.

We're bringing this duo of hungry halfling and greedy goblin referees back for as long as supplies last. Though they don't have official rules, they can be used to track your re-rolls, remind you of Inducements you've purchased, or just add to the atmosphere of the game.

These finely-detailed resin models are supplied with 32mm round bases. The Halfling is casually holding a delicious-looking sausage sandwich in one hand whilst bravely telling off a much taller and presumably tougher player. The Goblin ref is tossing a coin with one hand and trying in vain to hide an ill-gotten bag of gold with the other.