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New Limited Edition Moonston Minis Coming This Weekend

The folks over at Goblin King Games were going to have a great time at Gen Con Indy, as I'm sure many of us were. However, that's not gonna happen this year. At least, not actually in Indy. We can still enjoy the show virtually, including the various sales and deals. If you're in the market for some limited edition Moonstone minis, you'll want to be prepared for the sale coming up this weekend.

From the announcement:

As many of you know: GenCon 2020, which was due to be the biggest miniatures gaming convention in the world this year, has sadly been cancelled due to the on-going plague that blights our lands.

However the Rogues' Guild have found another way to secure rare treasures this year and have plans afoot to bust open the Goblin King's Private Treasure Trove!

 For the 72 hours that GenCon would have been open: 4pm (BST) on Friday 31st July – 4pm Monday 3rd August; a collection entitled "King's Coffers" will appear briefly on our webstore menu:

  Here you will find: 

  • "Drunk Fritz" – Limited Edition
  • Gwendoline "Willow Aspect" – Limited Edition
  • Zorya, Dawn Witch "Violent Impulse" – Limited Edition
  • Loubard "Righteous Fury" – Limited Edition
  • Treasures and Tyrants of Tauber, an Explorer's Handbook by Proffessor Percival Boffinsworth Esq - Limited Edition


Limited Quantities – Set your calendar now! 

All items are available in limited quantities only as left-overs from our Kickstarter and we do not plan to recast them. Once they are gone - they are gone!