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New Landing Craft and Amphibious Rules From Warlord Games

There's a new landing craft and Amphibious Assault Rules available from Warlord Games... though they're for two different games. Yeah, odd coincidence, but here we are. The new landing craft is for Cruel Seas and will be out later this month, while the Amphibious rules are for Bolt Action and you can get those now. They're still worth checking out, though.

New: British Landing Craft Gun (large) Mk III

Bring your invasion fleet into shore under the ever watchful crew of the British Landing Craft Gun (large) Mk III this June…

The landing craft guns (large) (LCG(L)) was armed with two QF 4.7 inch guns manned by Royal Marine crew, Multiple Oerlikon 20 mm AA guns and 2-pounder pom-poms. These ships were not intended to beach; their mission was all about close-in gunfire support.

Rules: Amphibious Assaults

Bolt Action writer Alessio Cavatore brings us the rules for staging beach landings in your games – perfect for Pacific themed battles as well as, of course, the D-Day landings.