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New Korean War Releases Availble to Order From Warlord Games

The Korean War supplement for Bolt Action is Warlord Games' latest rules release. If you're looking to add some new figures to your collection, now's a good time. And since many people's knowledge of the Korean War is based on M.A.S.H., the TV show, you might recognize some of the figures.

Pre-Order: M46 Patton Heavy Tank

The M46 Patton comes to Bolt Action Korea as a powerful addition to any US force in the Korean war. Its main weapon is gyro-stabilised, providing a great boon to any experienced tank crew!

Korean War: Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

The Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (or MASH, if you like), was designed to get experienced personnel closer to the front. This way, the wounded could be treated sooner and with greater success. Casualties were first treated on the field through buddy aid, then routed through Battalion Aid Stations for emergency stabilizing surgery. Finally, they would be routed to the MASH for the most extensive treatment. This proved to be highly successful; during the Korean War, a seriously wounded soldier who made it to a MASH unit alive had a greater than 97% chance of survival once he received treatment.

Of course, with the increased use of aeromedical evacuation through the use of helicopters, the wounded could receive treatment even sooner. The reduced death rate in comparison with previous conflicts can be directly attributed to these air evacuations.

Korea: Bell 47 Sioux Helicopter

Sarissa Precision has created this MDF Bell 47 Sioux, ideal for use as part of a US force. And yes, the blades do spin!

Korean War: KPA Support Group

Supplement your KPA infantry regiments with the KPA Support Group. With leadership and enhanced firepower, your troops can surge to victory.