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New Korean Releases Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has been working hard, bring you more figures for Bolt Action: Korea. If you're looking for some heavy firepower for your North Korean forces, or if you're wanting a new armored utility vehicle, now you've got some more options.

Korean War: North Korean Heavy Firepower


The Korean People’s Army is reinforced with heavy firepower in the form of the heavy mortar, the M42 anti-tank gun & the Katyusha!

The forces of the KPA are further bolstered with weapons acquired from their USSR allies. Though most of these weapons dated from world war 2, the North Koreans nevertheless made effective use of them.

Korean War: M39 Armoured Utility Vehicle

The M39 (T41) Armoured Utility Vehicle arrives on the battlefields of Bolt Action Korea as a reliable transport for US troops.

Built on the chassis on the M-18 Hellcat, the M39 was designed during the latter days of WWII. Though, it didn’t see combat action until the Korean War. This armoured utility vehicle was used as a prime mover for 3” guns. In Korea they were used as cargo carriers and personnel carriers, and played an often vital part in the defensive battles of the later stages of the war, allowing reinforcements to reach the frontline or troops to be evacuated from vulnerable outposts.