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New Konflikt '47 And Special Edition Mini Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has themselves a couple new Konflikt '47 releases. Also, since it's Veteran's Day miniature that is available this week only. So whether you want to get yourself some alternate history figures on, or if you want to commemorate those that have served, you've got your options open.

This Weekend Only: War without Hate model Available Now

For Armistice weekend, we’re bringing back the War without Hate model, supporting Help for Heroes.

Only available from now till Monday, get your hands on the War without Hate figure, profits from this miniature goes straight to the Help for Heroes charity!

New: Italian Stuart-T Tesla Tank

Italy’s demands for armoured vehicles was both passionate and excessive, but the Allies quickly recognised that if they were to release forces from Italy, they needed to arm the Italians. Numerous M3 Stuarts were available to transfer to Italy, and although no longer first-line tanks, they were reliable, fast and easy to maintain. More importantly, with the reduction in the size of the lighter Rift-technology Tesla cannons, the Italians were able to modify the existing M3A1 turret to house the same light Tesla weapon as fitted to the US M8 Scout.

New: Italian Falco Paratroopers

The flamboyant and well-trained paratroopers of the Italian army largely sided with the National Republican Army (ENR) when they were forced to choose a side in the Italian campaign. Whilst some units retained their traditional parachute role, the core of the force was retrained and equipped with the German-designed Rift-tech Falcon armour.