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New Khorne Champion on Dragon Available to Order from Forge World

*goes flipping through websites, looking for posts*
*comes across the new Forge World pre-release*
Umm... excuse me a minute.
*gets up, walks out of the room, and softly from the other room, "SQUEEE!"*
Sorry about the editorializing, but you all know I'm a sucker for a cool dragon mini, and we've got us here a really cool dragon mini.

From the website:

Legends tell of the trail of slaughter left behind by Vorgaroth the Scarred and Skalok, the Skull Host of Khorne, their path of destruction having run for millennia, their victims beyond count. Although one would not hesitate to kill the other if given the chance, together they have razed civilisations to the ground. Whenever the mortal armies of Khorne falter, it is Vorgaroth and Skalok that the Blood God sends to turn the tide of battle in his favour.

This is a multipart resin kit which contains the components necessary to assemble Vorgaroth the Scarred & Skalok, the Skull Host of Khorne. Vorgaroth is an enormous winged beast, whose front-right limb rests on a sculpted column, and Skalok rides on a throne atop him, wearing heavy armour and clutching an axe.

This miniature comes as 43 components – we recommend that you pin the wings into place, as these are quite heavy (this is covered in the construction guide). Rules are supplied in the box, and are available as a PDF download.