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New John Carter of Mars Releases From Modiphius

The folks over at Modiphius have been working hard on getting you a bunch of new releases for the John Carter of Mars RPG. They've got several new miniatures sets so you can accurately represent your characters and enemies on the table. They've got several new sets of dice (#NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice). And there's also a new slipcase for your books.

From the announcement:

Today we're pleased to announce the release of a raft of new John Carter products including the John Carter Collector's Slipcase set, several complete miniature sets featuring the heroes and villains Barsoom, as well as three custom dice sets, to power your adventures of heroism and romance on the dying red planet!

The Slipcase Collector's Set, miniature sets and individual minis are now all available as part of the John Carter of Mars Collection on