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New John Carter of Mars RPG Releases Available From Modiphius

For those of you Barsoom fans, there's a couple of new releases for the John Carter of Mars RPG available now over on the Modiphius website. There's the Player's Guide (incredibly handy, that), the Heroes of Helium Miniatures, for representing your characters on the tabletop, the Character and Token Card Deck (for even more representation on the table), and finally the Landscap and Location card deck, to make sure you've got some varried terrain while you're gaming.

From the announcement:

Today we’re delighted to announce a Red Planet’s worth of new releases for the John Carter of Mars role-playing game including print and PDF versions of the Player’s Guide, The Heroes of Helium Miniatures set, Character & Token and Landscape and Location Card Decks!

All are available in print and PDF as part of the John Carter of Mars Collection on