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New Israeli Forces Available For Team Yankee

Another week, another set of releases for the Oil War in Team Yankee. This time, they're headed to the Holy Land with the Israeli army. Let's take a look at what is hitting store shelves now.

From the announcement:

M113 Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX03)

The Israelis captured a number of M113 armoured personnel carriers from the Jordanians in 1967, and after some modifications to suit their needs internally and externially, they eventually went about purchasing more from the US. The M113 underwent a series of standardised modifications to become the Israeli M113 ‘Zelda’ APC.

Mine racks were added to each side of the M113 as well as a rail for mounting knapsacks, camouflage nets, stretchers and tactical callsigns. Often the splash board on the front of the hull was removed due to the lack of water crossings that the IDF were required to conduct.

M109 SP Artillery Battery (TIBX04)

The Israel Defence Forces received their first 60 M109 155mm self-propelled howitzers just before the 1973 war. These 60 were afterwards upgraded with the long M185 howitzer to M109A1 standard. By the 1980s the IDF had about 350 M109s in service, replacing the older Sherman based self-propelled howitzers used during the 1973 war.

Jeep (TOW) Platoon (TIS120)

As they had used M106 recoilless rifles mounted on jeeps in earlier wars, by 1985 the IDF had jeeps mounting Improved TOW missile launchers. This light and nimble vehicle could move about rough terrain and be in position to deliver a well-placed anti-tank missile with relative ease.

Recce Jeep Platoon (TIS121)

The Israelis recieved both Willys MD M38A1 and Ford M151 light utility vehicles, many of which were used for scouting and other reconnaissance duties. These Sayeret (special forces) scouts pushed aggressive patrols ahead of the armoured advances, locating enemy postions, and redirecting the advance around them.

Redeye Sam Platoon (TIS704)

Following the 1973 war the reserve elements of the air defence battalions were equipped with the FIM-43 man-portable air defence missile system. This light weapon could be easily fired by a single operator and used an infra-red seeker to chase the hot exhaust of attacking aircraft.