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New Infinity RPG Decks Available From Modiphius

When you're the GM for a game, you're in charge of the entire experience beyond the players. That can mean coming up with plots, locations, adversaries, and more all on the fly. Sure, you could pull things simply out of the air, but having resources already put together you can draw from also help. That's why Modiphius has four new decks to help you run your Infinity RPG games. They're available now.

From the announcement:

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the four cards decks in PDF for the Infinity RPG, a raft of additional resources amd ideas to help you run end enhance games in Corvus Belli’s awesome sci-fi universe.

The Adversary, Location, GM Plot and Wilderness of Mirrors Decks are available now on as part of the Infinity Collection and also on DriveThruRPG as part of its Infinity Collection.

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