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New Infinity Graphic Novel and Exclusive Mini Coming From Corvus Belli

The world of Infinity is one of action, subterfuge, and hidden plots. And while you play out many of these on the tabletops, Corvus Belli is also bringing you a new graphic novel. But more than just a comic, they've also got a new, limited edition mini of the book's protagonist available to join your skirmishes on the tabletops.

From the article:

The new graphic novel set in the Infinity Universe.

Dive into this new adventure that takes place in the highly-acclaimed science fiction setting by Corvus Belli.


In a hidden base deep in the jungles of planet Paradiso, Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut must determine whether his prisoner, special operative and former hero Ko Dali, is a traitor to her country and the whole human race, or an alien that has impersonated her to divide humanity.

In this story of political and military intrigue where nothing is what it seems, Adil will test the loyalties of his comrades - and of the very same nation he swore to serve.

To celebrate the launch of Infinity Betrayal, Corvus Belli is releasing a limited edition that includes an exclusive miniature of the protagonist: Ko Dali.