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New Imperial Guard Available to Order From Games Workshop

While the main crux of this week's pre-releases from Games Workshop are various items from the Black Library, there are some minis in there, too. Namely, a new version of the legendary Gaunts Ghosts. Head on over and get your set of these hardy individuals now.

From the article:

You’ve no doubt been reading all about the Tanith First and Only this week, as we explored the rules for Gaunt’s Ghosts and the story of their early years. Finally, it’s time you got your hands on all the new goodies. Not only are their plastic miniatures ready to deploy, but you can also get your pre-orders in for a whole host of Sabbat Worlds books too. 

It’s not just Black Library stealing the show today, though, the upgraded Cadian Shock Troops are joining new action figure releases from McFarlane Toys and the latest issue of White Dwarf. There’s a fair amount to show you, so let’s get cracking.

Revealed back at Warhammer Fest Online, Gaunt’s Ghosts are now here for pre-order, and they can barely wait to start purging the Blood Pact from the Sabbat Worlds. Far from just a display piece (although they do look rather wonderful on a shelf), this squad can join your Astra Militarum armies as a unique HQ choice and have a wide variety of characterful rules to represent each member. If you’re a fan of their classic models, or the Tanith First and Only in general, this is a set you’ll want to snap up straight away.