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New Hungarian Releases Available For Flames of War

The Bagration: Axis-Allies book for Flames of War brings in a lot of countries that aren't generally the focus of historical accounts of the Eastern Front. Well, Battlefront is looking to change that with their new Hungarian releases. Let's have a look.

Assault Gun Battery (Plastic) (HUAB01) 

Hungarian Assault Gun Battery includes: Four Zrinyi Assault-guns, Three StuG Assault-guns, three Hetzer Assault-guns, Three Panther Tanks, Four 10.5cm Howitzers, Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook, One Hungarian "Start Here" Guide, Two Decal Sheets, Seven Unit cards.

Zrinyi Assault Gun Platoon (HBX03)

After their experience against the Soviets on the Eastern Front, the Hungarian military leaders requested a self-propelled assault gun to aid in their efforts against the hordes of Soviet armour. Based on the hull of the Turán tank, the Zrínyi II mounted a 105mm 43M howitzer. Plans for the proposed Zrínyi I mounting a German 75mm gun were cut short when the Americans bombed the factory. Only one prototype was built.

Rifle Platoon (HU702)

With the role of long range reconnaissance in the armoured divisions taken up by the Toldi light tank, the Csaba (pronounced chahbah) armoured car is available to the infantry divisions, who use them to scout ahead of the division, checking its line of advance and patrolling the flanks.

Bagration: Hungarian Command Cards (FW269HC)

Command Cards allow Flames Of War generals to field iconic warriors, build new types of units, field new types of equipment, enhance your commander’s capabilities, and bring new tactics and stratagems to the battlefield.