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New Gunfighter's Ball Releases Available From Knuckleduster

Howdy there, pardner. It's time to saddle up and head out West. *spits* There's some no-good thievin' varmints to catch and it's up to us to do it. Thankfully, we've got some reinforcements in the form of new releases now available able for Gunfighter's Ball from Knuckleduster miniatures.

From the article:

Knuckleduster has just released three new items for September.

Mounted Earps: This set includes Wyatt, Virgil, Turkey Creek Johnson, Texas Jack Vermillion, Doc Holiday, and Sherm McMasters. Since Morgan Earp was out of action early in the story of the Earps, he's replaced by an Earp ally in this pack. McMasters has not appeared in our product line before, so this set includes a dismounted version of him with mdf slotta base. The pack is slightly more expensive to reflect this addition.