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New Ground Assets Available to Pre-Order for Aeronautica Imperialis

Last weekend, pre-orders went up for the new Aeronautica Imperialis starter set, including two new factions. This weekend, Forge World has some new Ground Assets for said factions. Pre-orders for these sets are being taken now.

From the article:

As a philosopher might once have remarked, if a bomber drops its payload and nothing is on the ground to explode, what’s the point of the bomber? It’s not for us to comment on ancient wisdom, but a good point is raised – what’s the point of snapping up all those shiny Storm Eagles and Phoenix Bombers from the Wrath of Angels box without a juicy bunch of ground targets for all that heavy ordnance?

Fortunately, Forge World is here once again to scythe through your existential angst with another bundle of immaculately sculpted resin – this time in the form of new ground assets for the two new Aeronautica Imperialis factions, the Adeptus Astartes and Asuryani.