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New Germans Available For Flames of War From Battlefront

The Allies faced stiff opposition when they hit the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. If you're a Flames of War player and want to play as those defenders, you're in luck, as there's new German forces and a new book available to get for your forces.

Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe (Plastic) (GEAB19) 

German Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe includes Five Panther (7.5cm) tanks, Two Tiger (8.8cm) tanks, One SS Panzergrenadier Platoon,Two Puma (5cm) Armoured Cars, Six Sd Kfz 250 (MG) Half-tracks, Two 8.8cm Guns, Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook, One Waffen-SS "Start Here" Guide, Two Decal Sheets, Ten Unit cards.

D-Day: Waffen-SS Book (FW265) 

After a brutal 12 months on the Eastern Front, the elite 1st and 2nd SS Panzer Divisions were worn out, barely a regimental sized battlegroup remained. They desperately needed to be withdrawn to France to rebuild back to full strength.

 Six weeks into their training, still trying to bring large numbers of conscripted replacements up to scratch, the Allies invaded France on D-Day. Ready or not, the SS panzer divisions were rushed to the invasion front, counterattacking to drive the Allies back into the sea.