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New German Releases Available For Flames of War

Battlefront is filling out some more releases over in their webshop for Flames of War this week. As I have said before, just walking into battle is no fun. Better to go in style in some form of transport. And that's what the Germans are getting this time around, with two different APCs, as well as a new scout vehicle.

From the post:

Speedy scouts, mobile guns, and army books are the order of the day here at the Battlefront Studio.

The German Army on the Eastern Front gets three new spotlights this week with the Marder (7.62cm), Sd Kfz 222 & 221 Light Scout Troop, and the Sd Kfz 231 Heavy Scout Troop arriving shortly to help round out your German force.

This week also sees the new Czechoslovak People's Army and Polish People's Army books hit Flames of War Digital. They are now available for you to download and start planning the perfect list for your Warsaw Pact army.

Finally, the Fate of a Nation launch sale enters its final week this week with 25% off a huge range of products for your army.