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New Game Company: Monster Fight Club Coming Soon

Some of the folks over at Gale Force Nine have decided to create their own game company. It's called Monster Fight Club and they're looking to not only create their own games, but also partner up with others in order to provide creative and manufacturing services. It's quite a veteran gaming group making up the new company, with people like John Kovaleski, Aaron Dill, and Peter Przekop.

Editorial: I love their logo.

Stay tuned for more info about upcoming releases from this new company.

From the announcement:

20 year hobby industry veteran John Kovaleski announced today the formation of Monster Fight Club, a new hobby game and product development company. Kovaleski, recently announced his departure from Gale Force Nine, the company that he founded and ran for 20 years that released such acclaimed boardgames as Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery, Firefly: The Game, Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, Star Trek: Ascendancy, and the soon to release Vault of Dragons – a Dungeons & Dragons™ Boardgame.

“I am excited to announce the formation of a new gaming company called Monster Fight Club. Together with my friends and original Gale Force Nine game designer Aaron Dill and office overlord Peter Przekop, Monster Fight Club will design and innovate new and exciting gaming products while focusing on the different and original.”
In addition to new product development, Monster Fight Club is also forming an in-house digital design studio and a master-class resin casting facility.

Kovaleski is joined by fellow veteran GF9 game designer Aaron Dill (co-credited with the game design of most of the GF9 gaming range) and former GF9 operations expert Peter Przekop, who has been in the hobby game industry for over 20 years. Przekop has extensive expertise in opening hobby retail centers, project management and licensed products coordination.

Along with developing their own hobby game products, Monster Fight Club is also partnering with other hobby game and entertainment companies to provide creative and manufacturing services. Kovaleski stated, “with over 75 years of combined design and manufacturing experience in the hobby industry, it seems like a waste of resources to not team up with other top-tier companies and leverage all of our combined expertise and creativity. We already have a few great partnerships and are looking forward too many more.”