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New French Resistance Fighters Available From Warlord Games

The French army may have been defeated in WWII, but that doesn't mean that the fighting stopped. Soldiers and everyday citizens took up arms to fight the German occupation. Now, you can add some of these freedom fighters to your Bolt Action collection.

From the article:

Rise up against the Fascist oppressors with these brand new miniatures for Bolt Action...

Organised resistance against the Germans began almost as soon as the ink was dry on the armistice. With the help of the British Special Operations Executive, groups of courageous French civilians began to band together to throw off the shackles of oppression. As the war raged on, these groups of partisans became bolder, undertaking increasingly daring acts of sabotage and assassination, despite the threat of horrific reprisals.

These new miniatures, sculpted by the talented Tomas Axellson, recreate the brave men and women of the French resistance in the summer of 1944. Donning their tri-colour armbands (adopted in the hope of giving the partisans some protection under the Geneva and Hague conventions), and arming themselves with weapons supplied by the SOE and captured from the Germans, these partisans are ready to disrupt Axis reinforcements and buy some extra time for the British and American forces fighting their way inland!

Every miniature in this new range is absolutely bursting with character – from the band leader making a rude gesture at the Germans, to the stylish young woman brandishing a captured MP-40.