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New French Releases Available For Team Yankee

The French are on the march. The Russians are rolling across the plains of Europe, looking to have in WWIII what Germany had iin WWI and WWII. But the French are hoping that 3rd time's the charm for pushing back the invading forces. They've got a whole slew of new releases available for Team Yankee, from tanks to SAMs to squadrons of fighters.

From the announcement:

AMX-30 Tank Platoon (TFBX01)The AMX-30 tanks speed and light armour, combined with the excellent CN 105 F1 105mm gun make an excellent option for rapid attacks where the enemy won't expect it. A unique feature of the AMX-30 is its coaxial autocannon which could be elevated independently from the main gun to engage helicopters.

Mirage 5 Hunting Patrol (TFBX09)

The Mirage 5 design re-tasked the successful Mirage III fighter into a ground attack role. The Mirage 5 fighter-bomber retained the 30mm twin DEFA autocannons of the Mirage III and  is armed with BLG-66 Belouga cluster bombs for striking enemy units.

AMX-10 RC Recce Platoon (TFBX05)

The AMX-10 RC is based on the same armoured chassis as the AMX-10P IFV, sharing many mechanical components. Compared to France’s NATO allies’ reconnaissance vehicles, the AMX-10 RC is rather heavily armed with a 105mm rifled gun similar to the one fitted to the AMX-30 main battle tank. The AMX-10 RC's 105mm guns can easily destroy any Warsaw Pact reconnaissance vehicles.

AMX Roland SAM Battery (TFBX06)

The AMX Roland mounts the Franco-German Roland short-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system on the modified hull of an AMX-30 tank. The Roland system was designed to engage air targets to provide tactical anti-aircraft protection to the armoured divisions.

AMX-13 DCA AA Platoon (TFBX07)

The AMX-13 DCA (Défense Contre les Avions, Anti-aircraft Defence) was developed in the late 1960s to provide forward air defence for the tank regiments. It is armed with two 30mm HS-831A autocannon mounted side by side at the front of the large two man turret. The AMX-13 DCA turret is fitted with a search and tracking radar that can detect aircraft and helicopters and neutralise them.