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New Flames of War Releases Available From Battlefront

Battlefront is keeping up the excitement since their Live Launch of Iron Cross and Enemy at the Gates last week. This week, they've got another set of releases available over in their webshop. Head on over now and pick up some new tanks and artillery to flood the fields of Eastern Europe.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone! The Flames Of War and Team Yankee websites have updated.

Last week we had our Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross Live Launch. Don’t worry though if you missed out, the website and all the content is still up over on the Battlefront Live Launch website.

We have our next batch of Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross releases. This week sees the release of the Lend Lease Tanks with the plastic Valentine, M3 Lee and Stuart tanks. We also have the Soviet 122mm Artillery Battery so check out the spotlights!

Looking ahead Battlefront and Breakthrough Assault will be working together as we bring more Flames Of War and Team Yankee Events to the UK. We’re taking a look at what events will be coming up soon.

Lastly we have the a sneak peek of the plastic Stalingrad ruins that will allow you to easily recreate the battles of Stalingrad.