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New Flames Of War D-Day British Gun Releases Available From Battlefront

I like big guns, and I cannot lie. During the D-Day invasion, while the initial wave of troops only had naval bombardments to help out, it was imperative to get some heavy artillery pieces set up on the beaches. Now, you can do the same as Battlefront has some new Flames of War D-Day British heavy guns available in their webshop.

17 pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic) (BBX54)

These anti-tank troops are the real ace-up-thesleeve of any cunning commander. Capable of bringing down even Jerry’s heavy Tiger tank, your 17 pdrs must be deployed carefully to dominate likely armour approaches. You must maximise their destructive capability at a critical moment in the battle.

Daimler Armoured Car Troop (Plastic) (BBX61)

The Daimler armoured car and Dingo scout car have powerful engines and independent suspension giving them great mobility. The 2 pdr anti-tank gun gives it a huge punch for such a small armoured car.

25 pdr Field Troop (Plastic) (BBX63)

The 25 pdr gun artillery batteries can serve in dual roles, both as artillery and anti-tank, although its anti-tank capability has been reduced over time with the thicker armour on the German panzers and so care should be taken when engaging enemy tanks.

Priest Field Troop (Plastic) (BBX64)

The American M7 self-propelled 105mm howitzer has gained the nickname 'Priest' in British service from the pulpit-like machine-gun mounting. Built on the chassis of the Grant tank, the Priest gives the armoured divisions a mobile artillery piece able to keep up with its tanks during cross-country moves.

6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic) (BBX54)

The 6 pdr first saw action in May 1942 at Gazala. It made an immediate impact on the battlefield as it was able to penetrate any enemy tank then in service. Use the 6 pdr anti-tank guns to protect your men from German tanks. When used with skill these superb little guns are capable of punching well above their weight.