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New Experience Workshop To Launch The Stocking Stuffer Collection Kickstarter

Fans of TGN know that I love little games that can be tossed in one's gaming backpack and carried around easily, ready to be gotten out and played at a moment's notice between sessions of other games, or waiting for players to show, or to squeeze in just a couple last games before the LGS closes at night. Well, New Experience Workshop is looking to bring some new mini-games to you in what they're calling the Stocking Stuffer Collection (also makes a great holiday gift). They'll be on Kickstarter at the start of next month.

From the announcement:

New Experience Workshop is proud to announce The Stocking Stuffer Collection, their next project, will launch on Kickstarter November 7th. The Stocking Stuffer Collection is a set of three hobby-themed microgames that embody the company's signature style of being accessible to new players while having enough depth to satisfy experienced gamers.

The Stocking Stuffer Collection includes Oscar Bait, a movie-themed game where players take the role of actors vying for the most prestigious awards. In this drafting game for 2-4 players, building an impressive schedule and sabotaging opponents in equal measure are the keys to success. In Sewing Circle, which can be played cooperatively or competitively, 1-3 players work to keep their ribbon from being tangled, while tangling up their opponents at the same time. This abstract game offers cutthroat competition and relaxed puzzles in equal measure. With Pocket Pitch & Putt, 2-3 players go for the hole-in-one as they compete on the course. The front 9 and back 9 can be played separately for two unique experiences, or played consecutively for a true 18-hole challenge.
"Our dream this Christmas is to provide fun for friends and family," says the designer, Chris Amburn. "We want you to have more excuses to come together and join your loved  ones around the table. We hope The Stocking Stuffer Collection provides this at a price that's right for every person on your Christmas list."

The Stocking Stuffer Collection launches November 7th, and will cost $8 for a single game, $21 for the entire collection, and just $6 each for larger orders. Each game consists of 18 cards, a rulebook, and a flexible carrying case. Each pledge can be shipped together or shipped to seperate addresses, with a unique message to or from the backer at no additional charge. Every game is guaranteed to reach all backers within the continental U.S. before December 25th. The games take from 10 to 20 minutes for a full play, and are all appropriate for ages 8 and up.