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New Expansions for Starcadia Quest Release Tomorrow

Two technology-based expansions are coming for Starcadia Quest tomorrow. Build-A-Robot gives you a bunch of plastic pals who are fun to be with. Meanwhile, in Showdown, the advent of the Hollow Deck has given Starcadians the ability to meet, and of course fight against, all the great Arcadians of times past. Build-A-Robot and Showdown will both be available tomorrow.

From the article:

Technology. Isn’t it grand? We’ve got things like computers, electric socks, automatic pepper mills, and the electramowhatsahoozit. How did people ever live before that one was invented? I simply don’t know. And the world of Starcadia Quest has even greater technology than we have now. And on July 24th, you’ll be able to add a pair of technology-based expansions to your games with the release of Build-a-Robot and Showdown. Let’s take a look at what each of these will be bringing to the table.