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New Expansions for Munchkin Dungeon Releasing Tomorrow

Munchkin Dungeon lets players explore the Munchkin universe in a new way, moving their figures ever downward through the twisting halls of the dungeon board. Tomorrow, there will be a whole bunch of new possible monsters, room, and bosses to encounter, and, of course, plenty of loot to find! Check out this preview so you can know just what you'll be getting into.

From the article:

The Munchkins never know exactly what they’ll find when they kick open that next door in the dungeon. Will it be something deceptively cuddly? Will it be a horror from another dimension? Will it be something extremely meta? There’s only one way to find out. You gotta kick that door down. And soon, all of those previous options might be standing there when the dust settles as three new Munchkin Dungeon expansions are set to hit store shelves on July 31st. They’re Cute as a Button, Cthulhu, and Board Silly. Let’s take a quick look inside each.