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New Expansions for Good Society RPG Up On Kickstarter

You have quite possibly read the works of Jane Austen. And you may have found yourself wishing to take part in the fancy parties, the intrigue, and the societal workings of high society. In Good Society, you can do just that. Now, four new expansions that add all sorts of extra dimensions to the game are up on Kickstarter. Prithy, have thineself a look.

From the campaign:

Good Society is a collaborative roleplaying game that seeks to capture the heart, and the countenance, of Jane Austen's work. It is a game of balls, estates, sly glances, and turns about the garden. At least on the surface. Underneath this, just as in Austen's own novels, it is a game of social ambition, family obligation and breathtaking, heart-stopping longing.

In this game, you play the type of characters that captured your imagination in Austen's books - from a wealthy heir who falls in love with the aloof new arrival, to a charming socialite bent on ruining the reputation of their rivals. Exploit your position, connections, and family influence to achieve your desires - all while jealously guarding your good name.

Good Society was successfully funded and published in 2018, and raised over $150k on Kickstarter. As part of that Kickstarter, we created two PDF expansions for Good Society, Pride, Prejudice and Practical Magics, and Sense, Sensibility and Swordsmanship.

Now, we want to bring these expansions to print in one beautiful book, along with two new expansions for Good Society – Downstairs at the Abbey, which explores the hidden lives of servants and the trials and tribulations they face, and Emma, Forget Me Not, which turns Good Society into a sprawling story about the rise and fall of fortunes and careers.

The campaign's around 4x funded with 27 days left to go.