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New Expansions Announced For Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

As always, there goes the shredding guitar in my head. Anyway, Renegade Game Studios has announced that they're coming out with three new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansion boxes, bringing you both new allies and new villains for your games.

From the announcement:

Expand your game with three new expansions for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. These expansions bring new rangers, new characters, and new villains to Angel Grove and are now available for pre-order!

The Power Rangers have upgraded their Dinozords to the brand-new Thunderzords! Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Aisha Campbell, and Kat Hillard have arrived in Angel Grove to take the fight to the next level, and Alpha 5 is ready in the command center to provide some helpful advice to the new Mighty Morphin team in Legendary Rangers: Forever Rangers. These Rangers come with new combat decks and miniatures for the existing characters!

Then in the Squatt and Baboo Character Pack, Rita Repulsa’s most bumbling buddies have joined the fray. But don’t underestimate these two chuckleheads. Though they lack the sheer strength of Goldar or the creative genius of Finster, they make do with moxie and mayhem! It’s time for Squatt and Baboo to shine!

Finally, do you want some new bosses? Then Villain Pack #3 - Legacy of Evil is for you. Thrax brings a terrifying strength and sorcery to the battle, while Divatox has her own ambitions to conquer Earth. How about some new monsters? Pirantishead will hijack the Zords, Terror Toad will swallow the Rangers whole, and the legendary King Sphinx will blow them all away!

Each of these expansions brings new experiences and challenges to Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, and they are available to pre-order from our webstore or your friendly local game store today!