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New Epic Encounters Packs Available to Order from Steamforged Games

Steamfored Games has the next pair of Epic Encounters sets available to pre-order from their website. In these, things get swampy as you take on a horde of Goblins or a vicious Hydra (the snake-like thing, not the international terrorist organization from Marvel). Head over and put your name on the list to get yours now.

From the announcement:

Make your next game night one to remember.

 These 5e-compatible sets will add EPIC encounters to your tabletop campaigns. With just one box, you can create an awesome, cinematic experience that your players will be talking about for weeks!

Want to raise the stakes? You're in luck, because these sets can be combined.

(If you can handle that much epic, that is.)


  ChristopherPaige959 at Nov-2 20
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