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New Elder Scrolls Minis Available to Pre-Order from Modiphius

Modiphius just dropped a whole bunch of new pre-orders for their The Elder Scrolls minis game up on their webshop. This is the second chapter of the game, with loads of new kits to check out. They've even got an online Character Pack as well as a contest going where you can design your own figure to be added to the game.

From the announcement:

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the Elder Scrolls Online Character pack, plus the pre-order launch for Chapter Two - Steam and Shadow which brings the Dwemer and Dark Brotherhood to your table alongside dangerous new adversaries!

 The individual releases coming to retailers at the end of this month include the Dwemer Centurion and Ballista, Dwemer Spheres and Spiders, Frostbite Spiders, In June you can expect the Chapter Two Card Pack plus the Dark Brotherhood faction releases.

 You can now pre-order these items through the Modiphius store and we have three awesome Chapter 2 bundles, the Adversary, Dark Brotherhood, and the mighty Steam and Shadow bundle, so you can get even bang for your gaming buck! All pre-order sets are expected to ship at the end of May. See the full Chapter Two range here.

 Don’t forget to check out Gavin Dady’s recent blog on the Steam and the Shadow, where he talks about plans for the Chapter 2 releases.

 We're also launching Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Tale of the Dragonborn a brand new competition, here you can help design a figure in one of our forthcoming releases! We are looking to see YOUR version of the Dragonborn. We’d like to see interesting and unusual builds – something that we haven’t seen before. We know that everybody wants an Orsimer Barbarian, or a Khajiit Stealth Archer, so show us something we hadn’t thought of.