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New Edition of War And Peace Board Game Up On Kickstarter

War And Peace.

No, not the classic novel. This time, we're talking about the classic Mark McLaughlin board game all about the Napoleonic Wars. Cover all of Europe with your French armies, or fight back against it. Can you hang on to Europe? Will you head into Russia in October? The new edition of the game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Mark  McLaughlin's classic game on Napoleonic conquest is here, revitalized and enhanced with completely updated graphics and  production, all new campaigns covering all of Napoleon's career, and a completely revamped rule book that incorporates all  known errata, and the best official  variants and optional rules along with a few  new surprises. War and Peace will be given the deluxe treatment in this re-issue.   

From the rainy opening months of 1796 through the climactic summer of 1815, the entire decades-long conflict between France, England, Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Spain, is re-created in 13 separate scenarios. Each historical scenario is presented as a separate 2-player game with an average playing time of 2-3 hours. Also included is the Grand Campaign Game that covers the 10 year conflict of Empires from 1805-1815.

On December 2nd, 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor of France. By placing the crown upon his head with his own hands, Bonaparte brought all of Europe to the brink of war. For by its very nature, the act of self-coronation threatened the rule and challenged the legitimacy of every government then in existence.

To restore the sanctity of the divine right and position based on noble birth, the European monarchies branded Bonaparte an international outlaw and pledged to remain as war against France until the Corsican usurper was overthrown and the Bourbon was restored. For the next ten years the fate of the French Empire rested on the on the abilities of the man: as a warrior and as a peacemaker.

Now YOU command Napoleon's Grand Armee!

What you will get with this new version of the wonderful old game is all of the Napoleonic Campaigns in one box plus a newly revised Grand Campaign Game, with all new map, components, modern artwork, and greatly updated rules with new optional rules for chrome and increased emphasis on the Operational Arts.

The game's about 3x funded with 20 days to go.