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New Edition of Kill Team Available to Pre-Order From Games Workshop

Rather straightforward set of pre-releases from Games Workshop this week. It's Kill Team and all Kill Team. Box set. Rulebook. Compendium. Dice. Terrain. Accessories. Everything. Head on over and check out all that's up for pre-order now.

From the article:

Ever since the brilliant new edition of Kill Team was announced, we’ve been champing at the bit to get into the Octarius sector and get fighting.

The time has finally come to get those pre-orders in. Best of all, we guarantee that you’ll get a copy of Kill Team: Octarius if you pre-order it this weekend, so don’t worry if your alarm doesn’t go off or the cat chews the power cord – we’ve got you covered.

There’s no better place to start with the new edition than the Kill Team: Octarius boxed set.