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New Dwarven Thrower Available From Forge World

"He's got a cannon for an arm" is usually a metaphor. But for Barik Farblast, it's closer to literal. Sure, using a cannon to blast the ball across the pitch is legal in Blood Bowl. Why wouldn't it be? You can pre-order the new sculpt of this classic Blood Bowl Star Player now.

From the post:

It’s time for the most unlikely Star Player in Blood Bowl to make his long-awaited return to the astrogranite. Why unlikely, you ask? Because he’s a Dwarf Thrower!

Dwarfs don’t waste their time with dedicated Throwers in Blood Bowl – they’d far rather stick to the time-honoured tradition of smashing their way to the End Zone with ball firmly in hand. 

Not so Barik Farblast. This Star Player has earned his place in the Hall of Fame by landing throws the length of the pitch with his trusty ballzooka. With skills including Pass, Strong Arm, and Hail Mary Pass, he can get the ball anywhere on the pitch – and for that extra accuracy, he can once per game reroll the scatter dice on a Hail Mary Pass. The only drawback? His ball gun counts as a Secret Weapon, so try and use him while the ref’s looking the other way!