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New Dropzone Commander Releases Available From TTCombat

If you're looking to get a little more portable version of the Dropzone Commander rulebook, you'll want to check out the latest set of releases from Dropzone Commander. They've got a new small format rulebook available. It's got the latest set of rules, consisting of the v2.1 updates. Want to make sure you've got the most up-to-date version? Head on over and pick up yourself a copy now.

From the post:

It’s new release day in Dropzone land!

We’ve been chatting about it all week, and now the new Dropzone small format rulebook is here!

Our very first release today is of course the brand new Dropzone Commander Rulebook.

This book contains the V2.1 rules in their entirety, as well as some background story information for those jumping into the universe for the first time.

With dozens of small tweaks to the rules in Battle for Earth, this new and small version of the rulebook has been written with gamers at its heart. We used feedback from all over the community to make a solid and easy-to-learn version of the game. At 64 pages it’s not going to break your back either, making it perfect for taking to games and introducing new players.

At just £10 this new book is a bargain!