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New Drone Sworms for Beyond the Gates of Antares From Warlord Games

Drones are quickly becoming an everyday part of life here in the modern age. You can see them buzzing around most downtown areas as well as being used for reconnaisance and other military uses. In Beyond the Gates of Antares, they're an everyday part of battlefield life. There's some new drone swarms available for the NuHu faction over on Warlord Games' website.

From the website:

Outfit your NuHu commanders with two new drone swarms for the Concord and Isorian factions! These cybernetic companions can augment your NuHu’s abilities!

These new packs are designed to supplement your NuHu Mandarin or Senatexis, providing all the miniatures you’d need to outfit them with a full complement of buddy drones! In each pack, you’ll get a medi-drone, two spotter drones, a gun drone and two shield drones.