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New Demons and a Sale Happening at Avatars of War

The folks over at Avatars of War have been busy. How busy? Busy enough that they've got not just one or two, but four new Demon miniatures available in their webshop, including the massive Demon Prince. They've also got a sale going on, but hurry, it's almost over!

From the announcement:

Avatars of War: Daemons Releases, Restock and 25% offer. 

Avatars of War opens the Gates of the Hell with 4 new Legendary Daemon Heroes printed with the exclusive system "Radical 3D Printed" 

The most frightful demonic strength has arrived to give you the power of darkness, the most Hellish Power that you have ever experienced.

 Be ready to enter to the Next Level of Hell with the most Imposing and Powerful Demon in the history of wargames, a must-have for every real miniature Old School miniatures fanatic.

 Plenty of magnificent details that will be a real pleasure to paint: skulls, chains, veins ... even goblins, orcs and human souls trapped in his hellish wings.

 Additionally, the most Legendary Heroes of the Old School are back with a Full Restock.

 Get ready to raise your army and impress your friends. Get ready to become Legendary.

 Enjoy a 25% off in everything until June 14th.

 Feel the power and pride of the Golden Age of Miniatures with Avatars of War.