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New Death From Above Releases Available For Flames of War

The folks at Battlefront are working hard and making sure you keep an eye towards the skies. Death From Above is the current name of the game (well, Flames of War is the name of the game, but you know what I mean), with new airborne troops landing all the time. They've got some new figures touching down that you can go get now.

From the announcement:

The Fallschirmjäger are Germany’s elite volunteer paratroops and amongst the finest troops in the German armed forces.The elite Fallschirmjäger are more than capable of stopping the best the Allied armies can throw at them, whether fighting in the deserts of North Africa, in the Greek Islands, across the mountains of Sicily and Italy or the swamps and forests of the wintery Eastern Front.

Fallschirmjäger 3.7cm Tank-Hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GBX137)

Lightly-equipped paratroops will always be vulnerable to armoured counterattacks. Airdropped light 3.7cm anti-tank guns protect against this threat until heavier weapons can arrive by other means.

Fallschirmjäger 2cm Anti-aircraft Platoon (GE541)

Anti-aircraft guns land as soon as an airfield is captured. Once the surprise of an air assault is gone, anti-aircraft guns are vital to protect ground forces.

Fallschirmjäger 5cm Tank-Hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GE514)

Since arriving in Italy, the paratroops have gained a small number of heavier anti-tank guns like the 5cm PaK38.

Fallschirmjäger 7.5cm Artillery Battery (GE576)

The light guns of the Fallschirmjäger artillery batteries are small enough to hide, easily transportable through rough terrain, are good against armour at short range, and provide adequate artillery support in the field.

Fallschirmjager 10.5cm Recoilless Battery (GE562)

While its main role is firing artillery bombardments, the 10.5cm LG40 recoilless gun can be used for short range ambushes against roving tanks