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New Colossals Available for the Infernals from Privateer Press

Longtime readers know that my favorite miniatures are the ones that stretch the bounds of the term "miniature." The Colossals are just such figures and Infernal players in Warmachine have not just one but two new colossals that they can now add to their collection.

From the article:

To break the valiant defense of those occupying the portal at Henge Hold, the infernal masters summoned something truly terrifying. The rituals took time and numerous sacrifices, but once completed, it brought forth these new behemoth horrors torn from the fabric of reality. With each massive step they took, the ground quaked, and their mere presence caused an aura of dread strong enough to disable all but the most stalwart heroes.

It’s the day all infernalists have been waiting for: both the Guardian and Harvester of Souls are now available. These models are part of the Black Anchor Heavy Industries (BAHI) line, so they are available only directly through our webstore. But before you jump directly over to the store, I’ll go over the rules for these two Colossal horrors and some of the development process for making them come to life.

Before getting to the first Colossal horror, I want to let you know that in forthcoming errata, we’ll add a slight update to how Colossal horrors work in general. For now, it is important to note that they effectively work exactly like Colossal warjacks and Gargantuan warbeasts, though they aren’t actually either warjacks or warbeasts. They will have new rule names (and will refer to Colossal horrors exclusively) but will use the same text as the rules on page 73 of the rulebook: Controlling a Gargantuan, Gargantuan Movement, Great Beast, Massive, and Ranged Attacks While in Melee.