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New Champion Available for Arena Deathmatch

Avatars of War has a new, spectral Champion that you can add to your team in Arena Deathmatch. It's the Wraith. They are also expanding their capabilities on Tabletop Simulator with a pair of new figures there as well.

From the article:

Lanistas of the Undeath can now recruit a new champion for their lvdvs: The Wraith. Take a look at the available options for this new champion here:

 We also just added two new miniatures to the Arena Deathmatch module for Tabletop Simulator, the Dwarf Berserker Statue and the Marauder Warlord.  

If you own Tabletop Simulator you can subscribe to the module here and start playing Arena Deathmatch with your gaming mates from around the world!

Also, we offer regular Arena Deathmatch demos through Tabletop Simulator, for those of you who want to try the game. Check out our Facebook events page for more info: