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New Carnevale Singles Available From TTCombat

The folks over at TTCombat have some new Carnevale singles available for you. If you're looking to bulk up your alternate-historia Venitian figure collection, now's your chance. Head on over and check them out.

From the post:


Hello everyone! It’s Friday, which means it’s new release day!

Wait, I’m just being told that in fact it’s not Friday and is in fact Wednesday, my dudes. Who really knows what day it is at the moment with all this lock-down stuff? I can’t tell if I’ve been at home for a week or a hundred years.

So anyway, too late now – it’s new release time, whether you like it or not!

Although we’re still operating a reduced service, we wanted to get some things out for anyone doing a little painting in quarantine, so we’ve decided to release every single Carnevale miniature separately! So any Kickstarter backers can pick up just the new miniatures, or if you want to expand your gang or even just pick up a new painting project, now’s your chance!

These miniatures are direct only, so you can only get them on the TTCombat webstore (not that you can go anywhere else at the moment anyway).