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New Carnevale Releases Available to Pre-Order

Here's a game we've not heard about for a little bit, but it's nice to see it coming back. TTCombat has a quartet of new Carnevale kits that you can order over in their webshop. I mean, one's got a bionic rhino and a bionic crocodile. I might pick these fellas up just because.

From the website:

This little puppet went to Venice…

It’s Carnevale pre-order day, and we have four new kits for you to take a look at!

The Monstrous Menagerie is a fantastic follow up to the popular Beast Tamers boxed set, bringing some more excellent characters to this Doctors sub-faction.

The set contains a new Doctor of the Beasts, equipped with a scary Shock Staff, capable of stunning even the biggest beast (if not outright killing it thanks to his Hunter special rule). He’s an okay Mage too, able to take a spell from the Runes of Sovereignty, of which there are seriously just a tonne of useful things.

The Rhino is insanely good, and has an amazing paintjob by Fin. Those glowy bits really look like they’re glowing! Although it’s easy to hit due to its low Dexterity and lack of cover (if you can’t hit a Rhino, there’s something wrong with you), it has a really high Protection and a massive 20 Life Points! On a Henchman class! Its Attack value isn’t all that great, but with First Strike (3) – yes 3 – it can tear straight through a lesser character on the charge!

The Crocodile isn’t quite as tough, although still puts up a good fight with 16 Life Points, but its real strength is domination of the canals. With a 6″ swim move it can clear a foot a turn (before Command Points). That’s a long way to go for something with 5 Attacks and -3 Penetration! That’s enough to dissuade all but the most hardened Rashaar to avoid the water!

And of course we finish with the Master of Zoology. The biggest thing here is that the Doctors have a Leader that can actually fight! She’s extremely tough (particularly for a Doctor), with her massive shield protecting her, and the technology wired into her backpack protecting all her allies too. With an Electrified Mace she’s a fierce foe. Plus, she completes the beasts sub-faction, as now you can have an entire gang of beasts and beast tamers!